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The Story of Walsingham DVD


"When England returns to Walsingham, Our Lady will return to England," said Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903).

Take a journey through 1000 years of English history with this unique and beautiful production, filmed on location in Walsingham, England. Once known as one of the four great shrines of Christendom, Walsingham was visited by Saints and Kings. Even King Henry VIII, who was responsible for the ruthless repression of England's national shrine of Our Lady, went there on pilgrimage in 1511 with Queen Catherine of Aragon. Now, after centuries of desolation, Walsingham is once more a place of pilgrimage with thousands visiting every year.

  • 1061: Mary the Mother of Christ appears in a dream to the Lady Richeldis and asks her to build an exact replica of the Holy House in Nazareth.
  • 1150 - 1511: The story of Augustinian Priory. The King of England visits Walsingham.
  • 1511: King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon go on pilgrimage to Walsingham.
  • 1538: Henry VIII's suppression of the Shrine and the destruction of the Holy House.
  • 1538 - 1829: The crushing of Catholicism and the centuries of desolation of the Holy House.
  • 1897 - 1934: The revival of the Walsingham Shrine - The stories of Charlotte Boyd and Rev. Hope Patten.
  •  1934 - Present: The resurgence of pilgrims to Walsingham from around the world.

Run time: 58Mins

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