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Alan Schmidt - 'The Coronation of The Virgin' Blank Card


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This painting was inspired by the resonant poetry of The Book of Revelation’:

‘…and there appeared a great wonder in Heaven

A woman clothed in the Sun,

With The Moon beneath her feet

And upon her head a crown of twelve stars.’

Here, the traditional iconography of the figure group: The Father, The Son, The Virgin Enthroned and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, are made up from two separate, both damaged, figure groups.

Both 14thc.painted alabaster carvings came from the famed English workshops of Nottingham, one now to be found in London’s V&A Museum, the other in The Museum of The Middle Ages at The Hotel Cluny, Paris.

Alabaster in its freshly mined form provided a soft, easily carved sculptural material. Brightly painted and gilded such comparatively inexpensive figure-groups were exported in huge numbers. Whilst few native examples survived a century of image-breaking, the best examples still survive in continental Europe.

The architectural setting is based upon detailed drawings of contemporary structures from Westminster Abbey, and here decorated in the rich original colouring now almost completely lost to us.  

This beautiful card can be used for any occasion due to it being blank inside, it measures 8 1/4" by 5 3/4".