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Comes in two Saints:

Saint Joseph - This chaplet is divided into 15 groups of four beads consisting of one white and three purple beads. The white beads symbolize St Joseph's purity, and the purple his saintly piety.  A mystery of the rosary is considered on each white bead and two ''Hail Mary's'' are said. The purple beads say ''Praised and blessed be Jesus, Mary and Joseph'' The chaplet is ended with the following prayer. V. Pray for us, Holy St Joseph. R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Saint Michael - Praying the chaplet is said to provide the assistance from Saint Micael the Archangel and the company of one angel from each of the nine celestial choirs when approaching Holy Communion. In addition, for those who recite the Chaplet Daily, he promised his continual assistance to defeat demons and grant a Pure Heart thus delivering from Purgatory. These blessings extend to the direct family. The Chaplet begins with an act of contrition. Then there are nine salutations, one for each choir of angels, each one followed by an Our Father and three Hail Mary's. These are followed by four Our Fathers, honouring Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and the Guardian Angel. The chaplet concludes with a prayer to Saint Michael.