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CTS New Catholic Bible - Compact Edition Flexi-bound Leatherette


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A beautifully bound compact edition with a flexi-leatherette cover and gilt-edged pages.

Featuring attractive edge-stitching, this volume is a pleasure to hold, carry and use, being both light and durable.

Alongside the Jerusalem and Grail translations authorised for use in the Liturgy, you will find:

  • Specially commissioned introductions, one for each book, giving the biblical and historical context
  • Specially commissioned liturgical introductions placing each book of the Bible in the Church’s liturgical year
  • Footnotes following the latest scholarship.Marginal references helping you get the most out of each passage
  • New text alterations, replacing the word ‘Yahweh’ with ‘the LORD’ as requested by Benedict XVI for all new Bibles
  • New directories of references for readings used in the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, including the fuller two-year cycle for the Breviary
  • Two placeholding ribbons.

Text sizes in this edition: 6.75pt text (5pt for footnotes).

2260 pages.