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Gospel according to John (Large Print Edition)


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“Holiness and prayer is inconceivable without a renewed listening to the word of God - a life-giving encounter, which directs and shapes our lives.”
- John Paul II
John’s gospel is completely different from the other three in style and in content as well. John the evangelist is traditionally identified with the Apostle John mentioned throughout the text as ‘the disciple that Jesus loved’. John’s gospel is remarkable for its prologue on the Word becoming flesh and Jesus’ great priestly prayer at the Last Supper.
The gospel is introduced by Henry Wansbrough OSB who also gives practical guidance for personal reading and reflection. The Jerusalem Bible translation is that read in Church. The other three gospels are available from CTS in the same format.


Format: A5 Paperback

Size: 14.8 x 21cm

Pages: 100