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Ladye of Walsingham CD


There is a long and faithful tradition of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in England, which reaches back to medieval times and beyond. Nowhere has that been better demonstrated down the centuries than at the Shrine of Walsingham, "England's Nazareth". Many of the Hymns on this CD are based on the ancient legend of Walsingham, and will appeal to all pilgrims who have a devotion to Our Ladye, the Mother of God.

  1. Ladye of Walsingham
  2. The Throne
  3. Immaculate Mary
  4. The Pilgrim hymn
  5. Chosen by God
  6. Alleluia Jesus is Lord
  7. When Christ was born
  8. New Lourdes hymn
  9. Litany of the Blessed Virgin
  10. As I kneel before you
  11. How sweet thou art
  12. Hail Queen of Heaven
  13. When Mary came to Nazareth
  14. Dear Mother of our Saviour
  15. Ladye of Walsingham
Produced by Bernard Jackson