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The Catholic Youth Bible


  • Dimensions: 23.1 x 17 cm
  • Format: Hardback
  • Colour: N/A
  • Publisher: St Mary's Press
  • Pages: 1576
  • Publication Date: 15-08-2005

Extra Information:

  •  Illustrations throughout to provide a visual context for the biblical stories
  • More than 275 articles updated to reflect contemporary issues and biblical scholarship
  • A glossary of scripture-related terms 
  • 5 special indexes; Sunday readings for cycles A, B and C; 10 colour maps; a 4-page colour timeline; and 3 pages of full-colour biblical art  
  • Introduction to the major sections of the Bible and all the books of the Bible
  • Biblical connections to the many different cultures, illustrating the universality of the Catholic church Insights into how the church has interpreted certain scripture passages throughout history
  • Will be a true companion, helping young people find the answers they seek and helping them make connections to Catholic beliefs and traditions. Use the Bible for personal prayer. Understand and make sense of what the Bible says. Apply the Bible to real-life situations like those we face in our own lives.

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