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Alan Schmidt - 'The Slipper Chapel' Blank Card


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This, the first of the Walsingham paintings, was inspired by my discovery of the pair of tiny, incised crosses, carved into the stonework to the left and right of the door – dating back, literally, to the day of  the chapel’s first dedication.

 As I stood there in the golden light of the setting sun which had illuminated the little symbols, the centuries seemed to slip away; whilst the memory of countless thousands of pilgrims who had passed through that graceful archway -  their journeys, their hopes, their prayers and the days of the chapel’s glory, then ruin, then restoration -  seemed to coalesce with an extraordinary power that has stayed with me.

It informs, inspires and energises all my work.

This beautiful card can be used for any occasion due to it being blank inside. It measures 8.2" by 5.6"