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Trembling on the Edge of Eternity: Father Augustine Hoey - A Biographical Memoir


This short and accessible volume tells the remarkable story of Father Augustine Hoey, a Catholic priest with his roots in the missionary tradition of Anglo-Catholicism, in both the UK and Africa. Written to mark his hundredth birthday the book draws on the personal recollections and writings of Fr Hoey as well as impressions from those who have met him and, in many cases, had their lives changed as a result.

Through various moments of drama, such as surviving a wartime bomb and witnessing the tightening grip of apartheid in South Africa, Fr Hoey's active life has concealed an inner desire for contemplation and intercessory prayer.

After becoming a Roman Catholic in the 1990s, his work as confessor, spiritual guide and preacher was based at Westminster Cathedral. At the age of 98, he moved to Walsingham, Norfolk to fulfil the vocation he felt as an undergraduate on his first visit to the Shrine of Our Lady.

As well as being of interest to anyone who has met or heard of Fr Hoey, the book offers evocative scenes of a life of stability through a century of change.