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Walsingham: Richeldis 950 Pilgrimage and History


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The long awaited book to mark the 950th anniversary of the founding of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. It charts the history of the National Shrine from the early days of the Augustinian Canons through to the current day.

The 216 page book contains the essays and papers from the historical conference that marked the 950th anniversary, with over 50 full colour and black and white photos and images to illustrate the talks - many taken from slide-based talks that were given.


Scilla Landale: “950 years of Walsingham”

Tom Licence: “Religious Devotion in the Diocese, 900-1200″

Edmund Matyjaszek: “Walsingham in Ballad, Poetry and Prose”

Howard Fears: “The Pilgrimage Routes from Lynn to Walsingham and the Nar Valley”

Professor John Morrill: “In the Wracks of Walsingham: Dissolution and its consequences”

Michael Yelton: “Charlotte Boyd and her Anglican Friends”

Rev Michael Rear: “The Problem of 1061″

Rt Revd Lindsay Urwin: “Walsingham Today and Tomorrow”

Also: East Barsham Manor (a history by Sir John and Lady Guiness); Our Lady Greeting (East Barsham); Slipper Chapel (by Henry Curties)

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